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Yoga's unique combination of Asanas (poses) & Pranayama (breathing techniques) can increase your energy, alleviate stress & anxiety, reduce symptoms of depression,  provide relief from chronic pain and inflammation, and bolster your immunity.  

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Guided Meditation

Therapeutic Reiki

 Therapeutic yoga

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Guided Meditation is beneficial to reduce stress, remove chronic emotional and energetic blockage, initiate self-healing, and enhance well-being.  These sessions are enhanced by the use of essential oils, and healing music.

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A unique custom combination of ancient traditional Japanese hands-on healing techniques with the addition of specific enhancements based on Chinese and Ayurvedic wellness principles, and essential oil therapy.

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Experience is everything, and your session will be an experience that is completely unique to your needs. Our philosophy is to provide you the benefits of all types of alternative wellness involving mind, body, and spirit. Just take a look below and you’ll see what we mean. 


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Come in.  Find your bliss 

Come in.  Find your bliss.