A few words about Your Practitioner

Kate Thomas launched enLighten Up Yoga in 2008.  The name was chosen to reflect the profound change that yoga can bring--and did bring to Kate, as she learned to relax, respect her inner wisdom and feel gratitude for her physical body through her practice.  The name was changed to enLighten Up Wellness in 2013 to reflect the incorporation of additional alternative wellness modalities offered in pursuit of total well-being.


Kate has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, and has worked for many years in various professional service roles including social work, crisis hotline counseling, management coaching, personal coaching and human resources management.

Inspired by her personal experience with alternative healing and the desire to assist others on their own journey toward total well-being, she completed her yoga teacher certification in Therapeutic Yoga in Maryland.  Ayurveda, Meditation, and Chakra studies were major components of this training.   Kate completed her Reiki training in North Carolina and she has been providing alternative wellness services since 2008.  After many years of providing  informal personal coaching sessions, Kate is pursuing her official Coaching Certification this Spring 2016, and will begin offering scheduled personal coaching sessions in April. 

Kate is not a massage therapist or medical doctor, and is not able to diagnose or treat any medical conditions.  However she is an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church (an all-inclusive and respectful organization which holds that all faiths are considered equal and no deity is held above another)  -- which permits her to maintain complete confidentiality in all services, as well as provide hands-on healing. 

All services offered are meant to be complimentary to traditional medical care provided by your personal physician.