Stay tuned for details on a Fall 2018 Retreat!

TBD: Chakra Workshop at Barre Up! in Raleigh

2/24 & 2/25: Body, Mind, Spirit Expo in Raleigh

3/24: Energy Infused Painting Workshop in Cary

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Kate has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, and has worked for many years in various professional service roles including management coaching, personal coaching,  human resources management,social work, and crisis hotline counseling.

Inspired by her personal experience with alternative healing and the desire to assist others on their own journey toward total well-being, she completed her yoga teacher certification in Therapeutic Yoga in Maryland.  Ayurveda, Meditation, and Chakra studies were major components of this training.   Kate completed her Reiki training in North Carolina and she has been providing alternative wellness services since 2008.  After many years of providing  informal personal coaching sessions, Kate completed her professional coaching training through Raleigh Coaching Academy.

All services offered are meant to be complimentary to traditional medical & mental healthcare provided by your personal physician.

Blog posts, brief musings, worksheets, journal prompts, quizzes, etc.

Reiki Energy Balancing,  coaching for healers, Emotional intelligence EQ-i 2.0 assessment & coaching